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1 bottle Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce &


1 bottle (above) cold water

1 cube butter

1 lemon

1 handful chopped parsley or chives or


Fresh salmon fillets cut into serving

size pieces


Make sure the fish is fresh & has been

put on ice as quickly as possible after

being caught.Fillet the fish getting

rid of all bones and skin. The fillets

should be in serving sizes of 6-8 oz.

and not over 1 1/2 to 2" thickness.

Place fillets in a large ziplock bag

with the Teriyaki Sauce and water

solution for at least 45 minutes.

Remove from marinate and either air dry

of pat dry with paper towels.


While fish is marinating stoke up the

BBQ with medium to hot coals. Place the

fillets dirctly onto the grill and cook

3-5 minutes per side. DO NOT OVER COOK

THE FISH - it is very tender & if

anything it should be undercooked as it

will continue to cook even after it has

been removed from the grill. While

fish is being cooked prepare a chaffing

dish with 75% butter and 25% fresh or

concentrated lemon juice. To this

mixture you can add chopped up parsley,

or chives, or chopped onions & garlic

if you prefer. When the fish is

finished cooking and is NOT OVER COOKED

take the fish off the grill and place

in the butter mixture, turn over once

and slide up the slanted chaffing dish

so the fillets are allowed to drain and

serve immediately.


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