Cook Inlet King Salmon Fishing

Filed By: Hooky Charters
Posted On: 03/21/2015

Me and a couple of buddies headed south for a day of fishing in Cook Inlet.  Our plan was to target King Salmon and then go out and get some halibut for our families.  As we arrived at Deep Creek on the beach we saw the seas were calm, so we launched our boat and headed to where the king salmon fishing has been hot.  As we arriver to the area we saw some fish being caught, so our hopes were high.  We got our lines in the water and it didn't take long and my buddy Jeff (a fellow guide) got one on, now it is not uncommon to get a double or even a triple on, so we kept trolling while Jeff fought his fish.  After a few minutes we put the boat into neutral and reeled in our other lines to help Jeff land his king.  One down two to go!  We got our lines back in the water and trolled around a little bit in the same area and BAM! my rod go off.  we kept trolling for a few minutes to see if we could get a double, but it didn't happen so we stopped and just fought my fish.  These salt water kings are so much fun, because they just fight more, it gave this old fisherman a good tussle.  Two down one to go!  After trolling around in the same area for a bit with one rod out my buddy Mike had a nice strike which robbed his bait, so we re-baited and started trolling again.  It wasn't long and Mike had a good one on, now you have to know Mike had never caught a king, so he wasn't as experienced as these two salty dogs are, but he played this king for some time.  Mike went around the bow a time or two trying to keep up with this king, but this king was crafty and seemed to know right where the prop was and cut the line before we could get him into the net.  Now it was time to go out and catch halibut.  We got out to one of my holes, threw out the anchor, and began catching halibut.  It was a feeding frenzy, we no longer got our bait to the bottom and we had a fish.  We let some of the smaller ones go and kept the bigger ones.  They were only between 15 and 20 pounds, but they would taste mighty fine.  That was a great day!