May King Salmon Fishing in Alaska

Filed By: Hooky Charters
Posted On: 03/21/2015

I love to get out early on the Kenai River to see how the channels have changed, check out my fishing gear, and of course making sure my boat runs good.  You never know when you might catch one of those large Kenai River king salmon.  The water is very low which makes navigating the river interesting, so don't use a new prop.  Today May 17th we made our maiden voyage.  I invited my dad, my sister, and her daughter to do a short king salmon fishing trip on the Kenai River.  The temperature was in the mid 50's with a little wind, but we put on a coat and enjoyed a nice day on the river.  We fished next to a loon and got to see a moose come out into the Kenai River.  The purpose for this voyage was to enjoy the day, check out the river, and my equipment.  Besides the wild life we located gravel bars, rocks, and the river channel.  This trip will help us locate Kenai River king salmon in the months to come and keep us from ending up on a gravel bar.  All is well!