Fishing on Cook Inlet and Kenai River

Filed By: Hooky Charters
Posted On: 03/21/2015

May 25th Headed to Cook Inlet to catch king salmon.  The reports were numerous limits of king salmon were being caught and we wanted some.  When we got to the beach at Deep Creek the wind was calm.  We launched our boat and got geared up for trolling for kings.  I made a call to my son Tyler who had launched an hour earlier to see how the fishing was and he said they only needed one more for their limit of six.  We put the boat in gear and headed for that area.  As we got close we saw other boats with fish on.  We hurried and got our lines in the water and began to troll for king salmon.  Yes the boat my son was on did get their last one and headed out to catch halibut.  It wasn't long and we had a double on that is two kings on at the same time.  We were able to land both of them, but as we did I noticed the wind had picked up and the seas were starting to build.  We didn't wait too much longer until we decided to make our way to the boat launch.  The Kodiak weather station was calling for a small craft advisory with seas building to six feet.  We got back to the beach at Deep Creek and decided to head to the Kenai River in hopes of catching some more Kenai River king salmon.  We had to launch our boat at the Pillars Boat Launch, because there wasn't enough water to launch at my normal place Kenai Riverbend.  The water level was low, but we made our way upstream to a hole I like to fish early in the season and we put our lines in the water back trolling through the hole.  It wasn't long and we had a taker causing one of my side rods to bury and the fight was on.  Several runs later we had it in the net.  It was a nice 42 inch hen or female and yes we notice when we catch hens, because we need the eggs for bait.  Mark was a happy fisherman with his first Kenai River king salmon.  That was a nice end to a great day of fishing three out of four, not too bad.