Kenai River King Salmon Fishing In May

Filed By: Hooky Charters
Posted On: 03/21/2015

May 24, we had an afternoon Kenai River king salmon fishing trip with a family of four from Kansas.  The weather started out nice, but with a little wind it got cold, but not to worry we just put on our coats and kept fishing.  It wasn't long and one of my side rods was pegged " FISH ON".  When it hit it hit hard and then turned and ran up stream Aaron did a good job getting the rod out of the holder and setting the hook.  We got all of the rods in but one so I had to cut the line so it wouldn't impede our fish.  This Kenai River King came flying out of the water and we knew we had a nice one.  He made several runs and came out of the water a couple more times just to get the adrenalin pumping a little more before we got him in the net.  This fish was a buck or male if you prefer and was 44 inches long and weighed 41 pounds a good representative of Kenai River king salmon.  We breathed a sigh of relief when we measured it and saw it fell just under the slot limit so Aaron could keep it.  The slot limit in the months of May and June is 46 to 55 inches, so anything between 46 and 55 inches we have to release.  It was a good day!  When we got back to the boat launch we had to get some pictures, so we got one with Aaron who caught the fish and then his wife Toni and daughter Brandy wanted their pictures with this Kenai River King Salmon also.