Red Salmon/ King Salmon/ Rainbow Trout Fishing Package

Available Dates: June 15th - July 31st

Full day guided fishing trips on the Kenai River are $275.00 

June 15th thru July 31st we move to the Kenai river, because the numbers of king salmon returning to their spawning grounds are increasing daily. The Kenai river is one of only a few rivers that have more than one run of king salmon returning in the same year. The first run of king salmon starts to come in the 1st of May which peaks in the middle of June and goes through June. The second run of king salmon starts to come in the latter part of June and runs through the end of July with the peak being in the third week of July. The red salmon usually hit the Kenai river between the 15th and the 20th of July. So you'll have that fishery to catch red salmon from. Red salmon run right along the edge of the river so most fishermen will fish from the bank using the Kenai flip method of casting. ( see our combat zone fishing tips for more details ). Rainbow trout fishing opens June 15th and can make for a great fishing trip in the upper sections of the Kenai river. May thru June the king salmon average 32 pounds with some being 60+. In July, the king salmon average goes up to 42 lbs with the truly monster king salmon weighing in at 60, 70, 80, or even 90+ pounds, and you even have a chance of catching the next world record. So hang onto your rod and let's have some fun!

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